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Palm Crystal

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Color: Lapis Lazuli

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These b, halfmoon palm stones are smooth and a comfort to hold as they nestle beautifully in the palm of your hand.

Find calm, relief, and strength in the palm of your hand, during your meditation practice, breath-work, meetings or other daily activities.

Amethyst promotes balance and calm. This purple-hued stone clears stress and negativity so you can connect deeper to your spirituality, intuition, and higher self.

Lapis Lazuli is a deep celestial blue stone that promotes wisdom and confidence in communication. Embrace a higher mind as knowledge, truth, and memory are amplified.

Tourmaline can take on many colors, each with unique properties tapping into different areas of the self. Said to balance the flow of yin and yang energies this stone is one of inspiration and self-confidence.

Rose Quartz is connected to your heart and emotional healing. This pink-hued stone enhances the attraction to love and relationships. Find openness to love others and love yourself.

Dimensions: approx. 2" (size and color may vary)

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